Patient Education Advisory Council (PEAC)

Welcome to the Patient Education Advisory Council (PEAC). The Institute of Medicine defines health literacy as “the degree to which people can obtain, process, and understand the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions.”

PEAC is a group of patient volunteers and employees that helps to create and make it easy to find and understand patient education at Dartmouth Health.

PEAC partners with vendors who keep our patient education content up to date. Please refer to our Healthwise® patient education website.

If you don't see what you need, you can work with PEAC to update materials or create new materials.

Requesting updated or new patient education materials

If you are a Dartmouth Health staff member who would like to submit updates to existing patient education materials or work with PEAC to create custom health literacy patient education, you can request help by submitting a request with our Patient Education Intake form.

Note: Please ensure the content you upload is up to date, consistent with the latest scientific studies and guidelines, and free of commercial influence.

Before submitting your material to intake, you may review your document for health literacy. If you make changes to existing materials, recheck your material with the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards Checklist (DOCX) and enter your final CLAS score on the intake form.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us on your patient education request!

Resources and links

Here are some helpful resources and links for creating health literacy accessible patient education:

Smartset creation process

  1. Log in to Secure Access.
  2. Go to DHSM Self Service.
  3. Click New Ticket.
  4. Under "Service," select Electronic Health Record.
  5. Under "Category," select Order Sets.
  6. Under "Subcategory," select Request New Order Set. Smartsets are included with order sets.